Servicing & Repairs

Regular servicing of gym equipment is proven to reduce the number of breakdowns and increase the longevity of equipment, preventing costly repair and replacement. 



ServiceSport UK’s team of engineers prolong the life of commercial gym equipment from leading manufacturers such as Technogym, Life Fitness, Precor, Matrix, Concept2, Star Trac and Pulse for gym operators across the UK.

During a service, our engineers will follow an in-depth checklist that includes examining key components and moving parts, checking the functionality of the equipment, applying lubricant, cleaning inside the equipment and much more.

More importantly, our engineers will identify any potential risks to ensure your gym equipment is safe for all to use.

Poor service history of your gym equipment will result in costly repair bills and also reduce its residual value in the long run!

Ad Hoc Service and Repair

Whether you require an annual service or two or three preventative maintenance services a year, our engineers will provide a detailed report to confirm which pieces of gym equipment have passed or failed.

Following this, our team will provide a quote that includes all parts and labour to repair the defects and an engineer will return to site to ensure all the gym equipment is fit for use.

If you currently have gym equipment that’s out of order then our engineers will visit your site to diagnose the issue and carry out repairs even if we’ve not originally serviced your gym equipment.


Health Check

It’s not unusual for gym operators to be concerned about the performance of their gym equipment. However, it’s not always possible for the gym operator to commission a full service of the equipment.

Therefore, a health check is a perfect solution to ensure your gym equipment is in full working order until its next service is due.


All Inclusive Service

Once your gym equipment has been serviced and any defects repaired, we can maintain the equipment for a period of 12 months (or longer), inclusive of parts and labour, to give you complete peace of mind that your gym equipment is in safe hands.

The whole process is made even easier by your gym equipment being listed on our web portal where your team will be able to view and report any defects instantly, track the progress of pending jobs and view when an engineer is scheduled to visit your club.


Estate Management

We’ll take the hassle out of managing the maintenance of your gym equipment across the whole estate. Ensuring all your gym equipment is asset registered, regularly serviced and reactive repairs carried out without the need for you to manually coordinate. 

All information is available to you via our web portal whereby key data such as condition, service history, pending repair work, engineer visits and more is available to view. 


Managing a number of gyms across various locations can be a real headache for multi-site operators.

Gym equipment can miraculously disappear (when in fact it was moved to another site 6 months ago), nobody seems to know what range of cardio or resistance equipment is installed at each site, and nobody knows when gym equipment is due to come out of its original manufacturer’s warranty period.

ServiceSport UK will send an engineer to each site and make a record of every piece of gym equipment. This information is stored in our system and made available to you via a web portal where vital information such as manufacturer, model, series, serial number, service history, outstanding repairs and location of the gym equipment can be viewed.

A number of management reports can be downloaded from the web portal at any time to provide you with real-time stats relating to the gym equipment at each or all of your sites.


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