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This newly added table follows the same formula as the original TEQ ONE, with the same iconic shape, fixed structure and easy assemblability, but at a more accessible price.

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The indoor/outdoor Teq X is the latest addition to the Teqball range and, thanks to its lighter structure, offers an affordable way to experience this thrilling new sport. The innovative table is curved downwards at each end, allowing a football to bounce off the surface and into play while the ball also bounces off the solid transparent net, ensuring uninterrupted play.

In addition, this amazing table can be used to play other games. As well as TeqBall, it can also be utilised for games of TeqTennis, Qatch, TeqPong and TeqVolley to provide as much value and playing time as possible.

The Teq X table may be the most affordable member of the TeqBall family, but it still offers the same great quality and durability as on other tables in the range. Suitable for either outdoor or inside use, the Teq X is ideal for home use, football clubs, parks, social clubs, schools and just about anywhere where people enjoy playing games.

The Teq X can be fixed to the ground, but it also folds for easy and convenient storage. A safety lock on the underside of the table top complements the quick opening/closing systems and ensures that the minimum of space is required for storage.

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Weight 85 kg
Dimensions 300 × 150 × 90 cm