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We’ve moved our competition kettlebell design to incorporate a high-quality polyurethane coating. This retains the performance benefits of the competition design but combines them with the ultra-durability of our classic urethane option.

The Urethane Competition Kettlebell has still been designed to meet competition standard dimensions, something that is consistent throughout the full range. This means the technique used for lifting lighter weights and heavier weights remains the same due to the constant handle and bell dimensions. We have designed this kettlebell with a brushed steel handle finish, which provides a much better grip than chrome handled alternatives. This lets you hold on for longer, squeezing out those all-important final few reps.

The traditional competition kettlebell colours still feature on these new urethane designs as a colour flash on the base of the handle. Our customers have told us they like the colour identification but prefer a single colour of kettlebell to fit more subtly with the design of their space.

The wide and flat base on the urethane competition kettlebell is great for incorporating floor-based movements like renegade rows and planks into your training.

When training with two kettlebells at once, the chances of them colliding with each other means the paint on standard competition kettlebells can quickly become chipped. A common challenge as well is on metal or painted storage racks/rigs. The bare metal finish makes these storage racks prone to chips, dents and scratches. In a premium fitness environment, a PU coating saves the kettlebell and storage racks from this unnecessary damage.

Two additional benefits of choosing a urethane kettlebell are that we can offer custom branding on urethane products with low MOQs, and we also offer a three-year manufacturers warranty on urethane accessories.

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