Origin Storm Ski Trainer

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The Origin Storm® Ski Trainer delivers great performance and value in one of the most popular emerging cardio categories. Ski machines and ski trainers, or upper body ergometers use a comparable movement pattern to that used in cross country skiing. Doing this creates a unique and challenging cardio exercise that has made the ski trainer a massively popular exercise machine.

Key Features
Challenging full body based on cross-country skiing
Floor stand or wall mounted
Smooth and light cord drive system
Adjustable air damper for varying stroke resistance
Comprehensive console programs & feedback
Bracket to mount a mobile device
Wheels make it easy to manouvre around the gym
Why use the Storm® Indoor Ski Trainer?
There are a host of reasons we love incorporating the Storm® Ski Trainer into our training at Origin. Here are just a few:

Entire Workout or a Part of the WOD – If you’re looking for a recovery cardio session, or longer endurance workout, the ski trainer is a great choice. It is equally challenging as a station or component in a circuit, CrossFit, or HIIT workout. The ski trainer is a versatile training tool with many applications.
Recruits Major Muscle Groups and Varies Stimulus – For many users the cross-country skiing motion isn’t one they commonly train with, making the ski trainer a challenge they aren’t used to. These movement patterns also happen to recruit almost all major muscle groups. While it looks predominantly an upper-body action utilising the arms, core and back, the hip hinge during the pull and extension at the top of each stroke involve a lot of leg work. This makes the ski trainer a great tool for full-body workouts.
Low Impact – One of the benefits ‘alternative’ cardio products often offer is the fact that they don’t involve a lot of force being put through the joints. For athletes recovering from injury or working with long-term limitations on their movement this great news. It’s also a benefit for athletes who want to cross-train for running or high impact activity.
High Intensity – Finally, the ski trainer is one of those items we class as a HIIT cardio product (alongside the rower, air bike and curved treadmill). That’s because they are incredibly well suited to sprints and intense intervals because of how quickly you can hop-on and hop-off the machine and how you can reach a high-intensity pace almost instantly. It’s perfect for circuits, group sessions, and HIIT because of this.
Suitable for Commercial or Home Training
The Storm® Ski Trainer has been manufactured with the high-use and extremely intense demands of commercial facilities in mind. That means it’s ready for the sweaty, repeated, all-out efforts that are commonplace in HIIT classes. All of this means it is more than capable of providing an amazing addition to your home garage gym.

Device Mount and Comprehensive Console Feedback
For those longer steady sessions, the Storm® Ski Trainer comes with a mobile device mount above the console to let users mount a device showing their favourite Netflix, YouTube or iPlayer content. This is also useful if you’re following an online session or are using a timer via your favourite workout app.

The console features a wide array of workout readouts to help users undestand their performance and manage their effort. We have also ensured that calorie and distance readings are calibrated to be comparable with other similar products on the market to create consistency between gyms and machines.

Feedback: pulse, time, time/500m avg, watts, distance, distance/30min, calories/hr, watts avg, cycle (interval)
Programs: Quick start, distance, time, calories, game, intervals (20/10s, 10/20s, 10/10s)
Floor Stand Available but can be Wall Mounted
The Storm® Ski Trainer can be supplied with a solid floor stand which enables the machine to be free-standing. The floor stand also comes with wheels that make it easy to transport around the gym or home. Alternatively, without the floor stand the ski trainer can be wall-mounted. This fixes the machine in place but makes it more compact for storage when not in use.