Jordan – Pro Sand – 5kg Sand Bag | Unlock the boost to your Functional Training Today!


Jordan Pro Sand – 5kg Sand Bag Item Description

Jordan are back with another Pro Sand bag, this time in a 5kg (11lb) variation. Jordan are well known for their high build quality, meaning you’ll get lots of use out of your investment! Sandbags have been around for centuries but it’s only recently that they’ve been adapted for strength and endurance training. This is because sand bags target the muscles differently to how traditional fitness equipment do because they’re less predictable than barbells and dumbbells, you have to make tiny adjustments while performing the exercises which helps boost your workout. So what are the benefits of working with this Sandbags?

Who are Sand Bags suitable for?

The Jordan 5kg Pro Sand Bag is suitable for Functional Training Studios, Boot Camps and Gyms with a Functional Training Area.

Benefits of the Jordan 5kg Sand Bag

Let’s start with Stability. As we mentioned earlier, sandbags are somewhat unpredictable, but that’s a good thing. The sand within the sandbag tends to shift as you move through your workout, therefore forcing you to focus on weight stabilization of the sandbag. As you progress with your use of sandbags, they help develop strength and power, similar to using a stability ball.

They’re versatile, and you can use them everywhere! What’s really cool about using sandbags is that they’re portable and fit into almost any compact space. If you’re working out from home or a garage gym, sandbags are great to have around. You can also take sandbags on the road with you. Simply dump out the sand and replace it upon arrival at the new destination.

Training with sand bags improves your performance! An obvious, yet underrated fact about sandbag training is that it’s hard! But if you’re looking for a great way to increase strength and conditioning, then using a fitness sandbag is key. If you’re someone who’s pretty active and want to improve your performance with unique drills like load carries, sprints, drags and throws, then sandbag training is definitely worth it.

Working out with Sandbags

The Sand Bag Squat Thrust

Start by picking up the sandbag and holding it in front of your chest
Squat down as if you’re about to sit, holding the sandbag in front
After a brief pause, stand upright and press the bag over your head
Finally, stay standing and pause, then sink back down into a squat

The SandBag Shoulder Throw

Grab the sandbag off the floor and into your arms (like a hug)
Next, get into a squat position with a firm grip on the sandbag
Make sure to keep your back neutral and core tight
Lift the bag up with you as you stand up and throw it over one shoulder
Repeat this throwing process with the bag over the other shoulder

The SandBag Press-out Lunge

Grab the sandbag off the floor and hold it across your chest (like a hug)
While standing, step out to your right side with your right leg
Keep good form by maintaining 90 degrees on your left knee/leg
Pause and press the bag out and in front of you and back to your chest
Push up through your heels to stand up to repeat the process with the other leg

The Sand Bag Russian Twist

Note: be sure to test out the weight of the sandbag before starting
Start in the same position you’d be in as if performing a sit-up
Grab the sandbag off the floor and hold it across your abdomen
Make sure to keep your feet off the floor and your core tight
Next, with the sandbag in hand twist from one side to the other

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