ServiceSport’s Armed Forces link-up continues to grow

ServiceSport continues to develop its support for Ministry of Defence sites overseas, with several visits to various locations remaining this year.

The company conducted its first fitness equipment servicing work in Somalia during November and is now preparing for its maiden trip to Estonia in the run-up to Christmas.

British Army personnel are currently deployed in Somalia to support four organisations - the United Nations (UN), the African Union Mission in Somalia (UNMIS), the European Union (EU) and the Somali National Army (SNA).

The country is always under high threat of a terrorist attack and conflict, while kidnapping and dangerous levels of violent crime are also major issues.

Somalia has been without an effective central government for more than 25 years, giving the opportunity for extremists to project violence.

The Islamist terrorist group Al-Shabab (affiliates of Al-Qaida) have been fighting a decades-long insurgency against the government and African Union troops.

The UK Armed Forces provide stability and security to the people of Somalia and have been training the army there since 2017.

This focuses on medical training, leadership development, intelligence, equipment care, engineering, logistics and human rights.

ServiceSport is making great steps in supporting service personnel overseas and is aiming to establish itself as the preferred service provider for Ministry of Defence sites abroad in 2020.