3D Printing 



3D Printing

ServiceSport UK has invested significantly in several industry-leading 3D printers to meet the demand for gym equipment parts. As the UK’s number one service and repair provider, we understand the frustration that can arise as a result of a breakdown in the supply chain of gym equipment parts. A gym equipment part that had an original lead time of less than 1 week, suddenly becomes 2 weeks, then 3 weeks and so on!

3D printing allows ServiceSport UK to reduce those lead times and hold stock of a specific range of gym equipment parts without the need to rely on the original manufacturer. Our team can design and print gym equipment parts in just a few hours so that the downtime of your equipment is significantly reduced. In addition, all gym equipment parts manufactured using the 3D printing method are meticulously tested to ensure they perform to the same standard as the OEM equivalent.

Our 3D printers are capable of producing guide rod inserts, 3.5” pulley wheels, large belt pulleys, small, medium and large DAP inserts, double-sided R6Z bearings and sleeves, battery covers, blanking plates, treadmill joy stick levers, end caps and J hooks….to name but a few!

Not only does 3D printing allow us to manufacture gym equipment parts for ourselves, but we also supply unique parts and components for several clients serving different industries. If you need a steady supply of parts to meet the demand of your client base and are finding your supply chain a challenge, contact us today and our team will be able to assist you.


3d printing
3d printing

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