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  • Deliveries
    Do you ship abroad?

    We can supply products to UK Mainland only.  Please contact us if you require products to be shipped via your own transport.

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  • Operation Procedures

    We will book a suitable date and time with each site to carry out service inspection. The engineer will arrive at site on time with photo id. He will have all the correct tools together with tool list and all PPE required.

    The engineer will check equipment list is still current from previous year and add any machines onto list together with Servicesport serial number. Any machines removed will be deleted. If it is a new agreement an equipment list will be taken down together with manufacturer’s serial number. 

    A full service and inspection will be carried out on all equipment detailed on the equipment list. This will be carried out in accordance with the Servicesport check list (enclosed). All machines will be cleaned adjusted and lubricated as required. Any equipment found to be dangerous will be labeled as such and will be taken out of use. 

    A defect report will be written per machine for any defective parts that are found. Any defects identified are itemized on a service defect report (enclosed) together with the priority and price of part. The engineer will then take a member of the gym staff around the gym to show where all the defects where found. This will be signed by both parties.

    The typed up defect report will be sent to the relevant person or dept for authorization within 5 working days of inspection.

    Call Outs

    A request will be received from the customer in writing for Ad-hoc Visit. We will respond within 24hrs to the request to book a suitable date for the establishment. A detailed explanation of the fault would also be required in writing.  The engineer will arrive at site on time with photo id. He will have all the correct tools together with tool list and all PPE required. He will also have various parts needed to fix the problems.

    Workshop Repairs

    All workshop repairs will be quoted in advance. The item will be collected and then returned at agreed dates with the establishment. A safety certificate will be returned with the item.

    Materials and Spare Parts

    All parts and materials will conform to British Standards and manufactures’ recommendations.

    Fitness Equipment Sales

    A managed stock level of cardiovascular equipment is currently in place to service the requirements and needs of the SPS. All the main lines of CV are available for install within 5 working days from receipt of order. Strength equipment may be as it is made to order per customer specification. It is also manufactured to BSEN957.

    Each individual order would be treated as such. From receipt of order the establishment will be contacted within 24hrs. All delivery requirements will be discussed including suitable access and delivery dates. A pre delivery ‘recce’ may well be required. This would allow us to write a method statement per site. Any deliveries that are judged to difficult to be received and transferred by the customer, from the courier, an install team will be required.  The engineers will arrive at site on time with photo id. They will have all the correct tools together with tool list and all PPE required.


    If it is judged that an installation team is needed and pre delivery ‘reece’ has been conducted an individual method statement will be written per establishment. All delivery equipment needed to install equipment safely i.e. stair climber (To transfer equipment up stairs) can be provided.

    Once equipment is in place and has been commissioned by a Servicesport engineer, a safety certificate can be issued. A full induction and user demonstration can then be held with all available fitness staff. This will also include a safety check induction together with documentation for the weekly maintenance check lists.

    Special Visit to Advise

    We can and will actively attend customer sites to advice on both service methods and in the supply of equipment. We can advice on suitability and types of equipment best for the size of the facility together with 3D floor plans. This can also help the flow of the facility and the numbers able to use.

    Parts Stock Management

    The stock holding of parts will be managed by our computer stock management system. This will be put into place by analyzing the asset list per site. Servicesport currently hold the UK’s largest stock of parts across all the major brands of commercial manufactures’. 

    All common parts and consumables can be dispatched and received next day by ordering customer site. This will allow engineer to be booked in and be on site within the 48hrs required. This is unless previously arranged and agreed by Servicesport and purchaser.

    Off site workshop repair

    If a situation occurred where a piece of cardiovascular equipment needed to be repaired off site, a suitable loan machine will be provided. All workshop repairs will be quoted in advance. Once order received the item will be collected within 5 working days and then returned at agreed dates with the customer site. A safety certificate will be returned with the item.

    Account management

    The account controller that is assigned to the contract will proactively run all the day to day activity of the contract. That person will be liaising and informing the customer sites each day on orders or any other activity. They will process all orders book engineers in and take all the hassle away from the customer. This will be monitored and overseen by the Contract manager who will be analyzing all daily activity to ensure optimum service delivery. This whole process is ran and based on our quality management system.

    Quality and complaints

    Each and every job sheet has a customer satisfaction questionnaire printed on the front to be filled in. This should be filled in on site as the job is completed. If there for some reason this is not filled in on site the Servicesport internal account controller will ring the responsible person on site for their comments.

    If a complaint is received it will be investigated fully as part of our Quality Management System. The procedure would begin as follows.

    Log customer complaint in Customer Complaint Log.

    Determine their cause.

    Evaluate the requirement for preventive action(s)

    Implement any such action(s)

    Review and record all such activities.

    Report findings to the customer within 48hrs of first contact.

  • Refurbished Equipment
    Are your refurbished products gauranteed?
    All of our refurbished equipment comes with a 12 month gaurantee. If we can't repair your product, we will aim to replace it for you.
    How are products refurbished
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