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The definition of Remanufacturing with the context of the Fitness Industry is:

“The rebuilding of a product to the specifications of the original manufactured product using a combination of new and repaired parts from the original manufacturer and using processes approved by the original manufacturer.”

ServiceSport is the ONLY company in the world to have been approved by the original manufacturers and so by definition, the ONLY company in the world who can supply remanufactured fitness equipment.

Throughout the UK and Europe, ServiceSport is driving positive, sustainable change through our advanced innovative remanufacturing processes.

As a market leader in remanufacturing, ServiceSport helps our customers to find new ways to reclaim and reuse materials. Where this is not possible materials which would once go to landfill are now recycled – reducing the impact on the environment.

ServiceSport’s remanufacturing process reduces waste, lowers greenhouse gas production and minimises the need for raw materials. ServiceSport Remanufacturing returns products at the end of their lives to same-as-new-condition but for the fraction of the new cost. This gives our customers more options around replacing their products resulting in maximum productivity and lower costs.

Once a product enters our dedicated 25,000 sqft remanufacturing facility it is broken down to the smallest part. The product frame is shot blasted to remove it’s existing paintwork and any rust and repaired if necessary. It is then re-powder coated in a colour of the customers’ choice.

ServiceSport’s certified technicians use a meticulous 23-point quality checklist process. Each of the part is cleaned, detailed and inspected. Depending upon the level of remanufacture chosen by the customer the parts are either rebuilt, repaired or replaced.

ServiceSport parts are remanufactured to strict quality standards, offer like-new performance and carry and industry leading 2 year warranty.

These industry leading remanufacturing techniques make it possible for ServiceSport remanufacturing to return otherwise unusable components to the latest performance specifications – a key differentiator when looking at ServiceSport remanufacturing versus the competition.

Our commitment to sustainable development, and its expertise in remanufacturing technology and processes, promise a bright future for ServiceSport remanufacturing.

Matrix Fitness manufactures industry leading products.

For our brand’s second life it was important that we partnered with someone who could maintain the quality and mirror the uniqueness of our manufacturing processes.

In ServiceSport we have a partner who are proven to do just that.

Jon Johnston, Managing Director, Matrix Fitness UK