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Refurbished products cost significantly less and works as good as new. Refurbishment enables customers on a tight budget to utilise equipment that would otherwise be unaffordable.

Refurbishment allows the customer to specify the extent to which the product is changed from it’s first life. This may be to meet a certain budget or performance requirement. As an example, the product could meet the same specifications as a remanufactured product but not use original manufacturer’s parts resulting in a cost saving.

ServiceSport’s refurbishment process is designed to ensure that the correct repairs are identified and executed to the highest standards ensuring an extended second life.

Each product undertakes a condition report. A condition report can help pinpoint issues and improve the product’s performance. Reports can include photographic evidence, wear or damage data for key components.

Once a condition report has been completed, the product is stripped down to the smallest part and rebuilt to the clients’ specification.

The completed product is then sent to quality control to complete a full audit testing process.

For years I believed I knew who ServiceSport were and what they provided – one of many independent service providers.

Recently I visited their head office in Chorley and this totally changed my perception. The set up that ServiceSport has in terms of staff, facilities and expertise is unrivalled in the UK.

I would recommend to anyone that you take a look for yourself.

Paul Ramsey, Group Operations Director. 3D Leisure