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ServiceSport refresh is based on an exchange system. ServiceSport will collect your product and take it through the same processes as ServiceSport remanufacturing. The product is then returned to your site with a new industry leading 2 year warranty.

The additional cost saving for customers is achieved by not having to purchase the original end-of-first-life product. ServiceSport refresh is used frequently by such customers as Nuffield Health and Village Hotels. Remanufacturing, refurbishment and refresh options are one more way we support our customers and help lower owning and operating costs.

ServiceSport is the market leader in remanufacturing technology. We recycle 97% of components annually. Central to our business is returning end-of-first-life products, components and parts to same-as-new condition. This results in a reduction in waste, minimising the need for raw materials to produce new parts and keeping non-renewable resources in circulation for multiple lifetimes.

Through partnering with ServiceSport, your company will be considering more than just the cost of purchasing a product but instead all the costs associated with it’s lifespan and the impact it has on our environment.

Nuffield senior team has a close working relationship with ServiceSport who provide us with a solution that gives us the confidence to run our clubs effectively.

Through recent acquisitions and expansion, we have products from all of the major manufacturers that are serviced by ServiceSport under KPI’s. Their asset management allows Nuffield to make decisions on which equipment is being used within a location and where we can relocate any equipment being under utilised.

ServiceSport Refresh allows us to get a greater return on investment than was previously possible.

Rick Crawford, Fitness Director. Nuffield Health