Local fire and rescue service agrees contract renewal with ServiceSport

ServiceSport is delighted to have secured a contract renewal to maintain Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service gyms for 2018.

There are 39 fire stations across the county, which all work to raise awareness about fire safety through visiting homes and schools, enforcing fire safety laws and being available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to respond to emergencies.

We ensure their equipment is kept in tip-top condition, helping station staff stay in shape as they strive to give people the best safety and wellbeing support possible.

Regular servicing of gym equipment is proven to reduce the number of breakdowns and increase the longevity of equipment, preventing costly repair and replacement.

During a service, our engineers will follow a checklist for each item of equipment and also look for any potential faults or wear and tear.

Engineers carry computer tablets giving them access to all the latest diagnostics equipment, updates and schematic diagrams.

All work carried out is inputted into the tablet and cross-referenced to each machine so a clear history of work can be drawn up on every single piece of equipment our engineers work on. Customers can access this information whenever they need to.

Our engineers are linked up to the technical department at our head office for further support should they need it.

ServiceSport offer different levels of service to suit customer needs. From ad hoc, annual scheduled service agreements, all-inclusive contracts, audit servicing to full estate management.

To find out more about our service contracts please call 0845 402 2456.

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